It’s That Time Again….

Coming out in December/January After the sudden death of her husband a year ago, Norma Tate Cummings is still learning how to manage it all: her children, her farm, and her sanity. Finally realizing that she cannot do it all alone, she does the unthinkable: she hires ex-convict, Clyde Halpern, to help her get backContinue reading “It’s That Time Again….”

In Deed and In Truth is Live!

Lillian Rose Atkins is tired. She’s tired of picking cotton, serving as a maid in a hotel, and taking care of her younger cousins. So when she receives an invitation—from the mother she hasn’t seen in ten years—to move to Chicago and take part in Chicago society, Lily jumps at the chance. This is herContinue reading “In Deed and In Truth is Live!”