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A Quiet Faith 1blue2

Logical, serious-minded Keturah Hollis has been a slave all her life. When her brother Sly Hollis deposits her in Arrow Creek, Oklahoma, a town run by Negroes, Keturah has to learn for the first time ever what it is to be free.

Irreverent and cynical, Manny Day, a runaway slave from a tobacco plantation in Kentucky, has a pretty good life in Arrow Creek. No longer at the whims of other men, he runs a general store with his brother, taking each day as they come. He lives a quiet, mostly content life—until he stumbles across a dead body.

Both filled with a desire to protect Arrow Creek, Keturah is reluctantly pulled into a profession she never would have considered while Manny is reluctantly forced to solve a mystery he hoped to avoid. Unlikely friends and even unlikelier allies, Keturah and Manny must work together and learn to have some faith.



4 thoughts on “Coming Soon!

    1. I’m sorry to hear you had a fever…especially in this day and time, but thank you for your words! What an encouragement! A Quiet Faith will be available on Amazon in the next few days, no later than Saturday. 🙂


  1. It’s an amazing book especially for the time that we are in. It’s filled with so much hope, faith and perseverance. It’s the perfect ‘quarantine’ book there are more scriptures than previous books in the series and so much on hope/faith. I’m only halfway through it and I love it. It’s already on my re-read list!


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