A Privilege To Carry…November 2021

Having spent his youth being passed around from one family to the next until he decided to strike out on his own, Beverly Fossey has learned that he does not like anything complicated. Keeping his head down and minding his own business is his best approach to life and it’s the philosophy he brings with him into the Army. Unfortunately, Beverly finds himself being blackmailed for events that happened years before. Although it’s not really the blackmail part that he’s worried about…

There’s nothing Iris Crawley loves more than drama. And if there isn’t any, she’s not afraid to create some. Enlisting in the Army as a nurse and passing for white are merely two details in her life that are there to fulfill her yearning for adventure. She doesn’t count on falling in love with her English host family or being intrigued by the serious and stoic Sergeant Beverly Fossey—which is a problem considering that any romance between them is, if not forbidden, certainly unadvisable by both society’s rules and the Sergeant’s himself.

When Iris stumbles across a situation that is more than even she can handle and with Beverly trying to just make it through the war in peace but being pulled in more direction than one, the two of them end up on a crash collision course that changes the rest of their lives.


Yes, book three in The Lost Boys series is coming out! I was concerned there myself for a moment. Life has a way of getting in the way and that was certainly true as I wrote this book. I’ll take a minute to pull back the curtain: I am a lawyer by day and occasionally my job does take precedence. The busyness of work had me pushing this book back again and again. I’m the sort of person who cannot be consumed by more than one thing at a time and writing is a very mind-absorbing field. I was struggling to both think about the story and think about the law. Any writers out there know what I mean?

On top of that, when I started plotting this book, I just couldn’t see it. I had very definite plot points I had to hit but no idea how to get from A to B to C. And this was strange because since book one, I had been thinking about this book and then when it was time to write it, there was nothing but silence. Every day that I sat down to put pen to paper so-to-speak, I didn’t know what was going to happen. The story literally unfolded before my eyes. It makes for a bit of a slower write and lots of editing but at the same time, I loved that the characters told me who they were.

I had fun with Iris and Beverly. My beta readers said they had fun reading about them. I’ve got two main purposes when I write: to glorify God and to entertain. I truly hope that this book both blesses you and puts a smile on your face. I’ve already begun work on Monroe’s book. It is my NaNoWriMo project this year and because I’ve been laying the foundation of this book since book one, the chapters are flying. I’m very excited about how the Lost Boys Series will end. In case you don’t hear from me again this year while I finish the last edits of Beverly’s book and continue working on Monroe’s book may you have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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