Coming March 2022!

Discharged from the military after being wounded, Monroe Price has only one objective now that he’s back on United States soil and that is to figure out who has been blackmailing him and his friends. He’s not interested in getting involved in anything else or helping anyone out. Not even his wife.

No one was more surprised than Azalea Moray Price when she was left a fortune upon her stepfather’s death. But she is not in the least bit surprised that someone is trying to kill her for it.

With the end of the war on the horizon, and life getting no less complicated, Monroe and Azalea realize that just as they had when they were younger, they must join forces again if they ever want to live in peace.


The last book of The Lost Boys will be out at the end of March. I was hoping to release it in February. I really was. If it’s worth anything, Beneath the Cleansing Flood is nearly 50,000 words longer than the previous two books. That means this book is approximately the size of two novels.

Also, with the exception of the Prologue, there are no flashbacks. From the get-go, when I had first outlined this series, I waffled back and forth as to whether I should have any flashbacks in Monroe’s story. But then my youngest sister told me that while she enjoyed A Privilege to Carry, she had skipped all of the flashbacks. That solidified it for me. There are no flashbacks. It’s all Monroe and Azalea in their present time.

I truly hope you enjoy this last book as we say goodbye to Henry, Sebastian, Beverly, and Monroe. The series has been a joy to write and thank you so much for going on this journey with me!

18 thoughts on “Coming March 2022!

  1. Hallelujah!

    I’m so excited for this update as I have been checking for this latest release almost every day this past February. The end of March will feel like ages, but I praise God for a lengthy read from you, Ms. Susberry, as your writing is, indeed, anointed in speaking and sharing God’s love and truth, in the humor of the characters even within their very real challenges, and in leaving the reader with an even stronger desire to know our Lord and Savior for themselves, especially with how your characters engage the world around them and in how you bring unlikely characters together. The historical setting of Your stories is also always insightful and full of grace, and it remains a joy to read and connect with characters who have such an urgency to know God or to read their growth in Him in a way that seems almost lacking in this world today.

    I am on the fence about the lack of flashbacks in that, perhaps, not many are needed, I agree, but, I do love seeing how these 4 men, really 5 with Arthur, so different, came together to be family and share an unconditional love for each other – though, perhaps, we do have enough of the backstory by now. But, though the love stories in this series is between the featured man and woman, it is definitely in this brotherhood 🙏🏽💜.

    ***Side story and some great news for myself: I don’t know how, but for whatever reason, I either mixed up “The Rolling Thunder” – that I have recently been reading, as the first book of The Lost Boys or I just kept mixing it up with “Morning by Morning” because of the similar covers, I don’t know, but I had been bemoaning the fact that we were not to get a Henry solo story. My surprise when I did a double check only to realize I never read “All The Day Long.” I’m both horrified at myself and, yet, so ecstatic for this reading experience to take place shortly as I continue to prepare for “Beneath the Cleansing Flood.”

    Ms. Susberry, I just discovered you in September and have been joyfully making my way through your titles (though not necessarily in order), so forgive me for the above mix up.

    May God continue to bless you and then some in your writing 🙏🏽💜.


  2. I have been checking for this book nearly every day in February. I’m so excited! I waited to read the last one so I could finish it and go straight into this one.
    I have trouble focusing on multiple storylines so the flashbacks were sometimes hard for me too, but I’m also just always so eager to read about what’s happening with my two love interests. I’m so looking forward to this story and have been since we met Azalea and heard about their connection.

    Blessings to you!


    1. Shirelle, I’m so sorry I couldn’t deliver the book on time. I know what it’s like to eagerly check Amazon for a book waiting for an author to drop it. But my hope is that this novel will be worth the wait! Thank you for taking the time to read my books!

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      1. I don’t mind the wait at all! Life happens to everyone. I’m just happy to hear it’s coming. I know it’s going to be great.

        Thank you for continuing to share your stories with us.


  3. I loved this series and all the others. Please consider doing an audio of all the books. I have read several of your series over several times. So please make these books available in audio.


  4. I love, love, love all you books! Please keep writing! Can’t wait for the next one! My mom loves them too!


  5. I am ecstatic just waiting the for the last book in this series!!!!! I stubble on your books three years ago and I have never been disappointed! I just wished you wrote faster:). I know you do have another job. I guess I will have to start over and reread your books from the past. It’s been a true blessing reading your books. What a blessing to enjoy Black historical writing and seeing the goodness of God throughout the series. I feel like I can really connect with the characters. I thank the Father for His goodness and the gift He has given you! Godspeed I am anxiously waiting for the next series.


    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them. I too, wish I could write faster. 🙂 The next series…I keep telling myself my next few books will be standalones, but The Rolling Thunder was supposed to be a standalone and instead it jumpstarted a series. I’m very interested to see the direction my new characters will take me!


  6. I am so excited for the new book and the length! I am so sad that we are saying goodbye. I’m not good with goodbyes. I loved the flashbacks because they kept me on edge but I know whatever you decided to do will be great. PLEASE KEEP THE MASTERPIECES COMING!


  7. Embassie,

    I hope this comment reaches you since it is under one your former posts. Is it possible for your last installment novel ” Beneath the Cleansing Flood” to be submitted to the Christy Awards for its christian historical romance theme?

    It was such an incredible read and one of the finest showcases of your literary works in my opinion. The humor and intrigue during the time period was so relatable and put the reader there with the characters.

    I think it would have to be your publisher or another organization that must complete the bid form? I just enjoy your writing and I’m hoping you receive acknowledgement for your accomplishments with your book series.



  8. 777nicole,
    thank you! This is such a kind and thoughtful comment. But I am self-published, not traditionally published and so the rules to submit to the Christy Awards are a bit more stringent. Unfortunately, I do pass muster. This book won’t be up for a Christy but perhaps one day, another will. ~Embassie


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