The Moon by Night-September 2022

Isabella Reid returns to Thibeaux County not only because Sawyer Webb is dead and life is about to get a whole lot stickier but also because if she ever wants to make her dreams come true, now is the time to do it.

She counts on her family’s doubts, she counts on her town’s disdain, she counts on the Webbs throwing down a gauntlet that only the good Lord can pick up.

What she doesn’t count on is the town matriarch—lost in the deep recesses of her own mind—admitting to a crime no one even suspected had been committed. A crime that somehow involves Isabella’s deceased father…

With the clock ticking, Isabella must balance her own future while figuring out what happened that dark, dark night.


Releasing next month is the very first book of my brand-new series, Thibeaux County. Why this series? The previous series, the Lost Boys, was a huge challenge for me because of the amount of research and the sort of choreographed story I had to create. While I very much enjoyed writing those books and meeting those characters, I started craving my first love: small towns mixed with cozy mysteries…and a good romance. I think it’s inevitable that no matter how much I branch out as an author, I’ll always fall back to this genre of books at some point.

Historically, I have chosen to start the series in the year 1916. When asking friends and family, what era they thought I should research next, the era of Reconstruction kept coming up. I’ll admit that I’m not quite ready to tackle that time period just yet. But I did decide to view Reconstruction through the lens of the next generation. But don’t worry, one day…

Thus far, my beta readers have enjoyed this novel more than I had hoped. Let me just say that writing is a very interesting profession. You never know if you’re doing it right until someone else gets a look at it. A bit nerve-wrecking and yet I cannot imagine not telling the stories that circle in my mind. I hope you enjoy this new cast of characters I’ve created. FYI, I could not quite let the Lost Boys go when I started this series and so if you’ve read that series, and you pay attention, you may come across a familiar face or two. As always, I hope that this novel both blesses and entertains you and may you have a happy August and a good rest of your summer!


5 thoughts on “The Moon by Night-September 2022

  1. A new series is awesome news! Keep it coming, your unique style and novels are of great contribution to the black american christian experience.

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  2. Exciting!!!! I truly enjoy your stories. It’s so hard to find good, clean, fun stories. I get excited about new books from you. I even have my husband enjoying your books now. He really enjoyed the Lost Boys. I can’t wait to pull him into another adventure/story with me. Keep up the great work sis, and may the Lord continue to bless your creativity!


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