The Rolling Thunder


  Today, I press the button making The Rolling Thunder go live. But first, I wanted to explain a bit as to why this book. It all started with a film called The Peanut Butter Falcon. I’m not here to promote this film, I didn’t even finish it, but there was something about it that planted a seed that kept growing (okay, if you must know, it was Shia LaBeouf’s character). I had no plans to write a book in between Salis and my new series entitled The Lost Boys. But the Salis Plantation Series was a mentally heavy series to write and when I finished the last book, I was not in the place to jump into another series. Especially one that is requiring so much research and is not exactly a light read considering it takes place along the backdrop of World War II. I needed, not necessarily a palate cleanser, but something totally different to think about. Something light and fun and fluffy…so of course I went with a murder mystery.                                                          

        I think it worked out well because The Rolling Thunder manages to serve as a fun introduction to The Lost Boys. It is not a prequel, but in fact, a sequel. For some reason, it made sense to me to set it up this way. 

     Here’s the blub:  

Taking a break from her life as a lawyer in Chicago, Theodosia “Theo” Brantley decides to spend the summer of 1955 in Carlin, Louisiana visiting her southern relatives—and to see if she can possibly make a go of a new career as a photographer. But when her grandmother asks her to look into a mystery surrounding a girl who drowned in the Mississippi River nearly sixty years ago and then a dead body found in the same river is literally brought to her grandmother’s doorstep, Theo quickly realizes that her summer is not going to go at all like she planned. 

With the help of some unlikely characters, old and young alike, Theo Brantley begins to realize that the more the town of Carlin comes into focus, the more it’s clear that things are not all as they appear to be. 

      And the Cover: 

I hope you enjoy!



4 thoughts on “The Rolling Thunder

      1. I loved it. I am so looking forward to reading this new series. I wanted to give a 5 stars review on Goodreads but The Rolling Thunder is not on Goodreads🙁


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