Embassie Susberry is a practicing attorney in Chicago, but when she’s not doing her day job, she’s reading or writing what she wants to read (which is historical romance). Her writing, like her life, cannot help but be influenced by the one thing that matters: her relationship with Jesus Christ.

Not so serious:

Embassie Susberry has given entirely too much thought to this awkward page that she must write about in third person. But fun facts:

She received Jesus as her Lord and Savior at the age of five (she can and does remember that day!)

She is a voracious and very picky reader;

She has always loved all things romance (her father had to take her to see Beauty and the Beast three times when it came to theaters….she was only three);

She studied abroad in France for four months (and wants to go back!);

She’s been writing since forever (most of it wasn’t very good);

She adores American history and can usually be found watching documentaries of all kinds (though she is partial to the Civil War);

She loves historical fiction, but couldn’t find too much out there that she identified with and so starting writing her own(hopefully you enjoy!); and

She is not very tech savvy in spite of the fact that people in her generation are supposed to be (please have patience).

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