What’s Next?


If you have bought or read Through the Fire, thank you! You also probably know that I am leaving the Tate Family…most likely for good, but you never know when inspiration hits. Which means, what’s next?

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Around 2013, a movie came out called The Lone Ranger. I can’t remember if it was an article I read or a history channel documentary that I watched, but I remember there being discussion as to whether The Lone Ranger actually existed. The conclusion was this, if The Lone Ranger was based off a real person, it was most likely based off a black man named Bass Reeves. Naturally, I had to research this. And I was kind of left in a state of disbelief that there was this history out there, this person who had done these great things…and his story had been almost completely erased, his actions apparently ascribed to a white man.

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From a story point, I was intrigued. I was knee deep in the first Tate book but I told myself that when the series was over, I would look into writing my first western. Let me tell you, six years is a long time to think about a book. That book has since expanded into it’s own three-book series (in my head). And not only that, the book that I plan to write about Bass Reeves (except not really because it is NOT a biography) is the very last book in the series.

So, what’s next? This unnamed series that starts in 1855, and yes, that means that all of my main characters start off as slaves (Bass Reeves was one too). If all goes well, the first two books in the series will be released this year. Here’s to hoping. Going back in time means that there is a ton more research to do and it’s not exactly easy. I love learning, but trying to combine it all does make me write slower. Regardless, the first book will definitely be out this year. It is currently untitled, but coming together…I think.

From an administrative point of view, Through the Waters is now available as a paperback! I’m working on getting the rest of the books done as well.

On a fun note, I have been writing a Young Adult fantasy series. It will have seven books in it, and six of them are done. They are approximately the same size as a typical novel (75,000 words) or longer. My hope (my dream!) is to actually not self-publish those, but to get those published traditionally. It’s so, so, so different from everything else that I write in just about every single way. Which actually makes it a great stress reliever to spend time with in between my other books.

Well, that’s all from me, here’s to more writing in 2019!

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One thought on “What’s Next?

  1. Embassie Susberry you are the kind of writer I look forward to reading more books from. Your books fill me up they make full yes U go on an emotional roller-coaster by the end of the ride I have gently stopped and I was not aware that it has ended. The fact that you are a born again follower of Jesus Christ and your books continously puts God thru out the story line makes me love your books more. Embassie Susberry don’t stop writing God centered nonfiction books your books are worth their weight in gold.


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