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I fondly call this book the one that was never supposed to be written. The Tate Family Series was supposed to be a three-book series. I had each one all planned out. And then the couple in book three told me no. Maybe one day, but today was not their day. And I was so confused until an unexpected couple started waving frantically at me. At first it caught me completely off-guard. But then I was so excited. I started writing their book, but instead of the book answering questions it began to raise them and that was when I realized that the couple had told me, yes, but not yet. I had to reveal some other things first before I could dive into their story…and that’s how River in the Deserts was born. In many ways this book was very difficult to write–mainly due to the emotions I was shooting for. And in many ways I’m very proud of this book because it’s very different than the other Tate books. The feedback has been mostly positive. Someone might have told me it was little corny. Fine. I’ll take it. Without further ado:

In 1964, FBI Agent Raymond Little is sent to East Texas to recover from a recent wound. Hiring out as a farmhand on the Crandall Farm, he meets Minerva “Minnie” Templeton. When Minnie decides to open her own library and comes across stolen money in a donated book, she finds herself suddenly immersed in an almost decade’s old mystery surrounding a County Fair.

As the two work together to solve the mystery and establish a library in the midst of troubling times, they began to learn the value of family and the importance of knowing who they are.

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? If all goes well, it should be released March 24th!

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