New Book!


1963, Katherine “Kate” Tate is known for many things: her stunning singing voice, her exquisite taste in fashion, and her striking personality. But when God tells her to pack her bags and go back home, she wants to only be known for her faith in God.

The last thing Kate expects to do upon her return home is to solve a decades old mystery with the help of friends old-enter Reverend Jesse Waters- and new alike. The mystery isn’t supposed to have anything to do with Kate, so then why does every clue seem to lead right back to the doorsteps of the Tate family?

Can Kate do it all? Represent her new faith? Right the wrongs of her past? Fix her family’s problems? And figure out the curse?

Coming Soon!

2 thoughts on “New Book!

  1. Please tell me you have more writing in the works! I know you have another job:). However, I am truly bless by your stories. I love to read stories with Jesus’ as the learning and growing tool in these characters of any book. I was kind of down because I could not find reading materials with blacks as the characters: Not in past present or future. Isn’t beautiful how God knows the heart of His people. At the time, the only Christian author writer of books in the past I found was Q. Michael Edwin Pappy Moses. I am proud to say was great! Please keep writing!!!!!! I have devoured all your books. KEEP ME POSTED! of your next series or single. Sandra


    1. Sandra, I do have more books in the works! And I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my novels! It’s really encouraging to hear as a self-published author. I too find it very difficult to find Christian books from a Black American perspective so I’m happy that I can fill that niche. I have begun the first edits of a book entitled The Rolling Thunder. If all goes well, it would be released the first week of November. It’s a little different from my other books, but I hope it is just as entertaining.


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