Through the Waters is Live!

Eyes of the Heart 2 (2)Through the Waters 3

My new novel, Through the Waters is live! It can be bought here. Because it’s out today, I decided to make The Eyes of the Heart free for the next few days (starting tomorrow), so if you enjoyed it, you can recommend it to your friends at no cost!

Just to tell you a bit about Through the Waters, it is a series (Tate Family Series) and book two comes out next year this time. However, each novel is a standalone and does not in anyway need the other novel. But, I still have another novel in the works for December 2015. The title is TBA, but when you read Through the Waters, you will come across the name Rudy Addison and can look forward to learning more about him soon.

3 thoughts on “Through the Waters is Live!

  1. So you offered your new book free and I go to Amazon on the morning after you posted it and it was $3.99. I was disappointed because we are on a limited. Being from Georgia and a transplant to Iowa I always enjoy reading about the South especially about my high school era 1964-68. Also I have a son attending graduate school in Chicago.


    1. Sybil, I offered The Eyes of the Heart free (and it still is!), but not Through the Waters. I can promise that at some point I will have a discount at some time though. But, email me and we might be able to figure something out! That’s cool that your son is in Chicago. What’s he studying?


      1. I misunderstood. I did get the free offer and am waiting to read it after I finish the novel I am reading now. Robert is studying Liberation and Queer Theology at a consortium of theology schools around the University of Chicago. We are devote fundamentalist Christians and have been heart broken at the direction his life has taken; however he is in the Lord’s loving arms.
        Thank you for responding. Will review your book and be in contact I hope


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